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Dear former and current Dreadcrafters,

We at Dreadcraft have come to believe that a lot of the recent changes and constant tweaking for the past 6 months, has not had the intended result for the community. Because of this, we have decided to go in a new direction and bring our community back to unique style and what we’ve come to expect from this community.

We’re bring back our minecraft server to a simpler and more player oriented experience, we will be launching a more player oriented server, more autonomous, with less unnecessary plugins & excessive resource drains. As we relaunch this server as a legacy server we will also be rebranding and changing how we function as a community.

With that in mind we will be slowly adding new games and servers to change how we interact with you, in an effort to not only expand the community, but promote growth inside it as well. This comes as we try and diversify our game selection while remaining true to our origins as a gaming network. For continued growth we will be adding more games to our server that are not minecraft related, but aim to increase your options to connect with those that you have created friendships with over the years here on Dreadcraft.

With this new approach to expanding the community, the name Dreadcraft will be retiring and replaced with DreadedGamers Community. The website and server address will be redirected to the new trademark. All players new and old that try to use the old dreadcraft address will be safe to play and use forums, making it so you do not have to change anything at this time.

We hope to see you all ingame, on forums and to hear from you on discord whether playing games or just to hang out.


Dreadcraft and DreadedGamers Leadership