Rules and Policy

  1. Swearing – We’re an adult community, you’re allowed to swear, just don’t insult or attack other individuals or members.
  2. Common Sense – Use your common sense. Even if a rule isn’t written down, if you need to ask for clarification, it most probably is not allowed.
Staff – Our staff are hand picked, they know their jobs and are able to help you. They’re correct 99% of the time. Please don’t argue with staff or second guess their decisions; they’re staff because they have a good understanding of the rules, the community, and how we operate.
  1. Spam – No. Don’t attempt to Make. A. Bunch. Of. Posts. just to get your post count up. No. Never.
  2. Application(s) – When applications are used, only submit one application. Also, please don’t multi-account.
  3. Appeals and Reports – Please refrain from popping into player reports and ban appeals to give your “two cents” unless specifically asked or you are mentioned in the thread. 99% of the time only staff members should be posting on these threads.
  4. Reposting – If we removed / locked your thread, we did so for a reason. Don’t pop back up with the same exact shit. Let it go or send us a PM.

All donations are final. Donation rewards and perks are subject to change at any time. Your donation does not entitle you to perks or rewards, they are given from us on behalf of the community as a thank you for your contribution. If you abuse your position and perks, they will be taken away from you. Please be respectful and follow the rules.

Individual Server Rules