Minecraft Server Rules

Click through the different categories below for information about the rules. Ignorance isn’t an excuse for breaking the rules. If you need clarification for any of the rules, please message an Admin on Discord or In-Game. If you have any rule suggestions, please contact a Head-Admin for consideration!

All Global and Community Rules apply on the Server.

See more at: Global Rules

  1. EXPLOITING – We all know what it is, so don’t act dumb. If you find an exploit/bug report it. Failure to report a bug will result in a ban. If you are aiding your friends, or happen to be in the same vicinity as someone exploiting, you can get banned. Just stay away from it and report it, mkay?
  2. GRIEFING – Oh, that’s a nice house. Look, it’s not protected by Towny. I have the sudden need to tear IT TO THE FUCKING GROUUUUND. No. Stop it. We can easily do a rollback and delete everything you’ve ever done on the server. It’s not hard. But you know what that means? The hours it took you to build your shit, or destroy someone else’s? Yeah, took us .2 seconds to revert it. Great way to waste your precious time, eh? Finding an unprotected build, and swiping specific valuable blocks from it is against the rules. In addition to mindlessly destroying, you can’t mindlessly place blocks (applies to water/lava too). Do not mindlessly cover someone’s house in water/lava, or create 1×1 pillars around the map, etc. You will be forced to clean it up yourself.
  3. LOOTING – If you leave your chest unlocked, it can be LOOTED. Protect it with LWC.
  4. MODS/CLIENTS – We allow very specific mods (Optifine, Shader Packs, and a Minimap [must not display players or mobs]); however, we do not allow modified clients here. We have a LiveMap available, so there is no reason you should need any other mods.
  5. MULTIACCOUNTING – You get one account and one account only. If you happen to change your username (ie. buying minecraft), talk to us. We’ll help you transfer your stuff. Other than that, DO NOT multi-account. We’ll know. 🙂
  6. COMMON SENSE – Use your brain. If you are unsure if something may be breaking the rules, talk to us. If you are hesitant and think “Errr, this might get me banned”, then chances are it will. This rule covers everything. If you normally can’t do it elsewhere, you probably can’t do it here. With this rule, we reserve the right to say “Hey, you broke the Common Sense rule!” and punishment will be handed out.
  7. OUTPOSTS – Town outposts may not be claimed / created if they are closer than 208 blocks (13 chunks). Any town or outpost found to be violating this rule is subject to being destroyed / removed and the user warned/banned as necessary.
STRUCTURES / CONTRAPTIONS – AFK machines are illegal and can result in a ban if discovered; this includes AFK machines that are not in use. Don’t jeopardize your rank in-game for a few coins. Gold Farms (& Iron Farms) in the Nether and in the Overworld are also illegal and will result in swift crack down using the ban hammer! Economies are suppose to be balanced. Don’t print your own money.
  9. NETHER – The nether is lawless. It is Towny Claimable and block breaks are logged. But only for the sole purpose of enabling those whose shit you’ve destroyed to track you down and kill you and your family. Griefing, PVP Spawn killing, everything is legal. Go free and fuck someone’s day up legally!
  1. SPAM / ADVERTISING / CAPS – This is a sure way to annoy staff and other players. But keep in mind, this is also a sure way to get an instant and (possibly) permanent mute. So let’s stay away from these.
  2. RESPECT – If you are being disrespectful to other players or staff, we will chew you out for this. We’re all here to have fun. Any sexist, racist or other vulgarity in chat is not permitted. Regardless if it’s a “joke”. This can easily result in a warning or ban.
LINKS – Do not post links to porn or general things that could be deemed as inappropriate. While we advertise ourselves as a Mature and “Not family friendly”, there are still youngin’s. If you want to, for whatever reason, link to porn or something gruesome, do so in a private message.
  4. OP – No, you can’t have OP. Stop fucking asking.
CURSING – Sure. Curse as much as you want. The only problem we’ll have is if you call or swear at another player. Then we’ll warn/mute/ban accordingly.
  1. CAMPING – If you are found hanging around someone’s spawn point, there will be consequences. While we have greatly reduced the PvP rules, this one still applies. No one likes a fucking camper. So don’t be a fucking camper. This rule doesn’t apply if you’re waiting for a Death chest to unlock itself (see Exploiting rule above).
  2. MULTI-KILLS – Don’t kill the same person more than 3 times within a 24 hour limit. That’s the max. The only exception to this is if they try and kill you or hit you. Once combat tagged, you may defend yourself from them.
  3. NEWBIES – New players who just joined the server have a newbie protection for 240 minutes. This is to give them time to set up, build a house, and survive their first couple of nights in game. You won’t be able to kill them during this period so please, don’t bother trying!
  4. TELEPORTING – Fun fact, we have plugins to help us here! There will be a period of time after teleporting that you can not receive or deal damage (5 seconds). As soon as you can, your prey is yours to take. Prey, I suggest using this time to run, gear up or /spawn like a chicken. PLEASE NOTE: Using a /home for pvp is against the rules. Any /homes you have in enemy territory, please delete. The only instances where you *can* PVP after teleporting to a /home is:
    1. If someone attacks you FIRST.
    2. If its your house and they refuse to leave after you ask politely ;).
    3. You use home 208 blocks away from the enemy town, home, or outpost. (this is also the limit for claiming town outposts).
  5. CHEATING – Another ban can be handed out if you are using unfair advantages. Like, lets say, glitching through glass somehow. Or perhaps you found a nifty little exploit (see Exploiting rule above), we’ll find it and we’ll ban you. Bye.
  6. BREAKING & ENTERING – Free game. As long as you are only breaking the needed blocks to gain entry. Any senseless breaking is considered griefing (see Griefing rule above). Want to prevent this from happening? Use Towny to protect your shit, join a town or create one!
  7. DEATH CHESTS – Death chests are locked for the first 10 minutes of your death. This is to give you time to get back to it and claim your stuff before someone else can loot it. A PVP’er may camp your death chest and kill you if you try accessing it; this can bypass the Multi-Kill rule (see Multi-Kill above). They can also incase your death chest with blocks to prevent you quick looting, they must however remove those blocks after they’ve gotten your loot (see Griefing rule above).

Rules last updated March 19th, 2017.